President: Dr. Susan Laird

President-Elect: Dr. Paula Salvio

Past President: Julie Davis

Treasurer: Amy Smith

Member at Large: Teresa Wojcik

Secretary: Diane Karns

Student Representative: Kendra Davis

Web Designer/Manager: Catherine Kinyon

Conference Site Coordinator: Thomas Cline


As the journal of the Society for Educating Women (SEW), Educating Women is the work of an intergenerational, international collaborative community of the same name. Founded in 2006 by three leading scholars in educational women's and gender studies, Susan Douglas Franzosa (Fairfield University), Susan Laird (University of Oklahoma), and Lucy F. Townsend (Northern Illinois University), the Society for Educating Women has a critical mission of bridging generations and crossing diverse cultures to sustain and develop arts-and-letters scholarship, interdisciplinary social research, artful imagination, and practical wisdom on women, gender and education for the 21st century.